Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Year of Creativity

I have dubbed 2014 the year of creativity. I'm taking a self-imposed hiatus from expectations and obligations with regard to all of my creative endeavors. I've been struggling for quite some time with an overloaded schedule. Combine that pesky little beast with overblown expectations and you have a recipe for anti-creativity. 

Lesson, Week 1

I need a little time to think.

The Don gave me an absolutely lovely birthday present. Lifebook 2014 is a year-long art course, but really it's so much more than just a course. Each week you are taken through a different lesson. There are loads of instructors and a variety of approaches, materials, and groups which provide encouragement & feedback. 

Warm-up, Week 1
We're only four weeks in, but I'm already seeing such a wonderful impact on MY art. I've learned new techniques that I wouldn't have tried myself and expanded my ideas in so many ways. And while the lessons are fabulous, I find that I immediately want to hop over to my current work-in-progress and apply my new knowledge. 

Lesson, Week 4

I'm having a blast and my studio is a wreck. Woo hoo!

Because of Lifebook, I'm currently having a love affair with watercolor pencils and crayons. Especially the crayons. They are creamy. They blend and layer so beautifully.

At the end of the year, you can bind all the projects together in a book which will serve as a roadmap and reminder of methods, materials, and techniques.

Here's my current WIP. She's on a 24x24" cradled board, and has lots of delicious texture. Her hair was just waaaaay too purple, so I've gessoed over to mute it. Always a surprise! Those stars were applied with thick gesso and are raised from the surface of the painting. Can't wait to see them after I've painted more.

But enough about my art. Today's featured artist at Ink & Alchemy is Jane Davies. I can't get enough of her work, especially the encaustic. Here are a few pieces to whet your appetite. Pop over to her website for more of her incredible art.

As a reminder, with the new year, I have morphed More Ink into a sort of catch-all for creative wonderfulness. Feel free to stop by and share your work with us or post useful and inspiring links. We're all in this together so let's help spread the beauty of lit and art far and wide.

I've also instituted a new way of featuring artists and writers. Each month on the pages which list featured writers or artists, a number of people will be featured for the entire month. If you're chosen, you'll receive notification so you can brag about it all you like. :)

The artist features began in January and will change in a few days when the month changes. The writer features will begin for the first time on the first of February.

Have a great week, everyone! I feel creativity bubbling up and I must sign-off to answer that very important call.

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