Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am a whirlwind

Whew!  My life is exhausting sometimes. I wish I had someone else to blame, but most of it - all except the day job - is entirely my fault. I bring it on myself. The truth is, most days, I wouldn't have it any other way. I will admit, in a rare display of weakness, that today has gotten the best of me.

So many ideas, so little time!  I have dozens of  fabulous, terrific, incredible ideas for Ink & Alchemy. My best ideas come at the most inopportune times! Sometimes, I'm lying in bed dozing, half awake and half asleep and an idea will pop into my head completely unbidden. Ideas about the painting I'm working on, bits of stories, something a character said, or neat things I can do with Ink & Alchemy to make it better, brighter, more freaking awesome. Then morning comes and I drag myself out of bed after hitting the snooze too many times, and begin the mad dash to keep up with the day. Of course, all that creative goodness goes right out the window. So frustrating!

But then I remember this. With a few exceptions, I choose my life. I am the master of my destiny and this is a powerful, beautiful thing. It's so different than my other life. The life I had in the past wasn't bad and in many ways, it was glorious, but I didn't feel free. People can be slaves to so many things. Money, power, insecurity, love, drugs, obligation. The list is endless and for many years, for many reasons, I wasn't shining as brightly as I could have been. My glitter was hidden under layers of ignorance, self-deception, and insecurity.  I should note here that most of the blame for that lies squarely on my shoulders. No more.

I am thoroughly enjoying the I&A podcasts. It will be interesting to see how the next one goes with these new braces on my teeth. The funny thing is - they're harder than I thought they'd be. It takes time to think about the topic, jot down a script, decide where to film, etc. The most difficult part has been deciding how to structure them.  I have decided to keep working at them, even if they are less than perfect. They are a work-in-progress, just like me, and therefore are just exactly right for Ink & Alchemy. The third podcast is now  on YouTube for your viewing pleasure and describes how to set-up a facebook page. More to come!

I'm enjoying being a part of the SouthWest Writers Board of Directors, even if it is yet another thing added to my dance card. The annual writing contest begins on March, 1.  So all you writers out there should pull your stories out and dust them off. A total of $6400 will be awarded. Check out the rules and guidelines.

Don't forget, the Ink & Alchemy goodness doesn't stop with my FB page or this blog. Although they are pretty freaking terrific, right? When you're hanking for more artsy goodness, you can always check out I&A's other social media sites. The Pinterest boards alone are good for an entire evening of art drooling. Also, the featured artist list on the right side of this blog is getting pretty long and is well-stocked with talented, generous, lovely people. Pop around on these websites for a hearty supply of inspiration and art envy.

I am starting work on a series of interviews next week which will focus on uncovering some of the creative secrets that successful writers and artists have discovered during their  journeys.  I already have the first three victims lined up and I'm pretty excited about it.

The Don and I are celebrating our second anniversary this weekend and I can't wait!  This is a much needed break. I'm also attending the LERA Power Writing event.  Check it and if you're in the Albuquerque local area, join me!

The art is this post belongs to Claire Desjardins.  Click here to visit her website.

I hope your week had been enjoyable and fulfilling!


  1. Fabulous art! I can be my own worst enemy. I think it's Julia Cameron that says that creative block isn't about not having ideas, but about having too many. I totally get that. Especially two young kids doing what kids do best...wrecking havoc lol. I wouldn't have it any other way though!

  2. Judging from what I see online, I think you are managing quite nicely to narrow it down and control the havoc. You're an inspiration to me!


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