Monday, January 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces at I&A

Lots going on over here in the I&A universe.  I recently heard a talk at Southwest Writers given by Kirt Hickman. It was packed with practical, useful information about revising your fictional work.  The talk was based on one section (Part III, The Little Stuff) of his book, Revising Fiction.  I ordered the book for myself, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

My ever industrious husband is...he's...well, I sort of can't believe it, but...he's building an art gallery in the house. The Don is just over-the-top fabulous. The gallery will be in the dining room, complete with metal and wire hardware which slides and will allow us to easily change out the artwork whenever we like.  He's been a busy bee today.

I'm still in the middle of two art projects, but I'm feeling the need to bring them to a close and strike out in a new direction.

 Unfortunately, I seem to be at a stand-still with both; I'm not sure how to proceed.

Podcast #2 is out on YouTube. I had high hopes of improving my video skills, but decided to take my own advice and just get started.  I've ordered a mount for my Nexus, which I think will greatly improve my ability to record podcasts that don't suck.  I have plans to add some bits of me painting and other things so that you're not stuck watching me the whole time, but learning these new skills is a process and may take a little bit of time. Be patient, friends, and thanks for watching.

Do me a huge favor?  Pop over and subscribe to my channel if you're a YouTube user. I just finished up a bit  of an intro to the podcasts and will start with Facebook next week - how to things up, differences between a FB page and a profile, ways to use apps with FB, etc. Next on the docket is setting up a personal website.  Feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, or questions.  I want to make the podcasts as useful as possible

Incredibly, Ink & Alchemy now has over 500 fans and will hopefully continue to grow.  I'm trying to run a pretty tight ship over here, because structure helps me to stay on task.  So, here's the plan for now. About halfway through each month, I'll send out an I&A Newletter which will recap all the featured artists (with websites) from the previous month.

The newletter will also contain resources mentioned in the podcasts from the previous month in addition to other useful and inspiring information.  All featured artists are automatically subscribed to my mailing list because this is how I communicate with them as a group. You can subscribe to my mailing list here, on my blog to the top left, at my website, or via the Ink & Alchemy FB page.

I solemnly promise to never misuse your information or to bombard you will too many communications. You have my word on that. Podcasts will now be published weekly on Sundays and blog posts have been moved to Mondays. So...there you have it!

Scattered throughout this post is the freaking incredible work of Cesar Santos. Have you ever seen a painter with such skill at figures?  It's fascinating that he combines modern elements with classic icons. He's a featured artist over at Ink & Alchemy.

I hope your week has gotten off to a good start!  


  1. That last piece "Intimacy" is breath taking! Such a talented artist!

  2. Right?! Such a gift. I'm glad you like the blog.


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