Sunday, November 4, 2012

My tip for finding the right fans (or man)

All of my life, I've wanted people to like me. I wish I could be one of those really cool people who can brazenly say - and mean it - that they don't give a damn what other people think and then just breezily go on living their lives. With shockingly pink hair, clothes that don't fit quite right, or a gigantic pimple on their face. Not me.  Somewhere at the heart of it, I care. I take it personally when people don't like me and it hurts my feelings. This is why it's difficult when I run the numbers on my social media sites and realize that I've lost followers or fans. When someone actually decides they don't want to read another word from me, and then actively click to disengage, it smarts a little.

My marketing director (Oooooh, fancy! He also moonlights as my husband.) has pointed out that registering bigger numbers isn't, by itself, a true indicator of success. Take my Ink & Alchemy Facebook page, for example. That page has a specific, stated goal - to inspire people to creativity - and encouragement and inspiration aren't being measured by the #  of people following my page. That being said, it's a little like online dating - it's a numbers game. The more people you engage in the process, the better your chances of success. I can speak with authority on this subject because I met The Don online, but I had to kiss a few frogs to find him. Take my word for it, he is worth it!

I value each and every person who follows my page or takes time out of their day to interact with me on I&A, I really do. I have had several people, artists mostly, query me on how to begin building a following and in my opinion it boils down to one simple concept - you must build a relationship. As is true in other areas of your life, relationships take time.  The best ones are built slowly and thoughtfully. This is true with social media as well. Offer something of value. I wince when I read the posts and sites of artisans or authors who only use their pages to pimp their latest novel or exhibition. It's insulting to the reader and it doesn't take long for most readers to tune out.

A true relationship flows in both directions. I receive so much encouragement from my fans and followers and I truly hope they are inspired by my posts as well. I've taken the long way around (not surprising if you know me) to say this: Don't be discouraged if your numbers take an occasional dip and do your best not to take it personally. To be the most effective for you and your fans, your fan base should be comprised of the right people. It's the old quality trumps quantity adage. You can find the right fans, and the right man for that matter, online if you're just patient and diligent. :)

New topic:  Writing a novel in 30 days. Wow. I'm four days in and I can tell you, this is a daunting task, made even more intimidating by the fact that I had gotten behind (Yes. Already.) and had to play catch up. Catch up I did. I'm clocking in at 6738 words at the moment and I'm really loving how the story line is beginning to develop. November will truly be a writing month for me because I'm headed off to a writer's conference next weekend as well. For those of you committed to finished NaNoWriMo this month, I wish you the best. A tip:  If you find that you're having trouble finding the time to write each day, steal my idea of a writing lunch. Instead of doing what you usually do for lunch, spend it on a computer typing like a madman. Or a crazy lady, which ever applies.Whether you're NaNo'ing or not, I wish each of you limitless creativity coupled with the follow-through to get it done. What a magic combination!

I'm still planning on writing blog posts once a week through-out November, but they may be a little light due to my daily writing. Let's just see how it goes! All art in this post was created by Aaron Coberly.

Have a great week!


  1. I started writing books twice. Both times I never got out of chapter one.

    ...and all this time, I thought Don was a frog. :)

  2. Well, I've had the week from hell so I'll be lucky if I ever get out of Chapter One either. :(

    Don is definitely not a frog! No! He's a prince!


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