Saturday, May 26, 2012

You really MUST read this blog post.

Okay, not really.  I'll admit that was a little tricky.  Please, please, pretty please, read it?

We're adding cabinets and a new workspace to my studio!  As usual, if I use the pronoun 'we' in regard to home improvements, it could be more accurately stated as 'Don'.  But he is a kind man and let's me share the credit. I have been experiencing a serious storage problem, and this is a great solution!  In the past few  years, this room has slowly undergone several transformations.  First, it was empty and then I started slowly bringing my stuff over to Don's house and leaving it.  Eventually, I moved in and it became my study.   I was an undergrad and then grad student.   Many, many hardcore cramming and study sessions occurred in this room with the beautiful view. 

Somewhere along the way,  in my usual obsessive, balls-to-the-wall way, I decided I'd do art.  I also  write and I have a cat who likes to sit on my keyboard while I'm doing that. Needless to say, NOT the most efficient method.  I've got loads of books.  And a sewing machine.  Somewhere in this mess of a room I also have acrylic paint, encaustic supplies, heat guns, India ink, paper, plants, family photos, magazines, you name it - I have it.  I try to keep it organized, but I'll admit, it was getting the better of me. And if presented with a choice between art or cleaning, this girl is picking art every time.

Enter, Don.  

We moved my easel (plus about 15 other random items) and he removed the wood trim. 

Figured out how to arrange them.

Got creative with mounting.

He's taking much deserved break and working more on it tomorrow. .  

We're also in the middle of replacing several doors on the front of the house and trying to decide if they should be painted red or purple. The incredibly important and controversial issue of red vs. purple is currently being debated on my FB page; I can't tell which is winning at the moment! The rest of the house (outside) is a light brick color mostly.  With some brown thrown in for good measure.  We have some, ahem...interesting things going on inside the house including a red wall, purple cabinets in the kitchen, and lost of stainless steel.    We have some time to decide because we're still waiting on the new doors to arrive from Home Depot.  Speaking of HD, we bought so much stuff there last night that we had to make TWO trips in the pick-up truck to get it all home.  :)

We made it to the gym this morning, which was a small miracle, and then stopped at Flying Star for breakfast where I had the vegan oatmeal.  It was nothing at all like the turkey green chili sausage that I really, really wanted, but it was warm, delicious, and satisfying nonetheless.  I'm proud of my restraint! While having breakfast, I picked up Paper Magazine and I enjoyed it so much, I bought a copy.  Among many interesting articles, I found an announcement for an upcoming exhibition at the Akron Art Museum, in my hometown.  Two talented sisters, Victoria (12)  & Zoe (9)  Yin, are incredible artists and writers.  Click on their names to check them out; it's pretty amazing!  Here are a few of their pieces:

I'm stunned that they've accomplished so much at such young ages and I'm a little surprised at the adult themes present in many of their works.  

Bits & pieces:  Last week, I completed my first Johns Hopkins course and am currently in the relentless grade-checking phase.  So far, nothing.  I've recently concocted a plan to use social media to take over the world.  Not much progress on that front yet, but I'll keep you posted.  A local gallery and print workshop, New Grounds, will be hosting a series called the Business of Art and I've decided to attend.  So far, it's only been announced here via FB, but I think it will soon be on their website as well.  The first workshop will be held on Sunday, June, 17, 2012 starting @ 1pm.  

Another upcoming workshop which promises to be very informative is The Encaustic College, Assemblage & 3-D Workshop in Santa Fe, NM.   It will be taught by Russell Thurston and Rosemary Barile.  I've never met Russell, but I hear great things.  I've met Rosemary several times and her encaustics are lovely - very detailed and refined.   I'm dying to go, but unfortunately I'll be in Maryland for a completely unrelated but equally exciting seminar - The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics.  I requested to be on the list for the next workshop which will be held in the fall.

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