Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ink & Alchemy

I finished a painting today, Too Many Moons, and here it is hanging in my studio while the glaze dries. Kudos to my husband Don, for being the best art handler in the west.  He made the substrate for this and it is sturdy.  The size is 48"x 24" x 2".

With much trepidation, I've ventured into the realm of digital art.  I still plan on making art in my studio, with paint and wax.  There's no feeling of satisfaction quite like the one I get when I'm creating something, and it's working.  I love the paint splatters on my clothes, the lovely mess in my studio.  But I'm trying to create a web-presence of some sort and I think I will need a basic understanding of digital manipulation in order to create images for my website.  Luckily, my husband has volunteered to take care of the website maintenance, so I can be free to worry about the creative side of things.The image you see here is my first attempt at layering using GIMP.  

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