Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great lit blog - Wendy Wimmer

I wholeheartedly agree with today's post regarding literary parasites. As an aspiring, and mostly failing, writer, I have long considered it my responsibility to subscribe to literary journals.  Why?  The simplest reason is that it's nice to financially support these people.  After all, I plan on sending them work & hope that they'll take the time to read it and ideally, publish it.  I need to do my part to keep them afloat.  Some editors even take the time to send personal comments or suggestions.  It's like manna from heaven

But, just as compelling is the need for a writer to be connected to the literary community.  I believe that in order to become a successful writer, one must become intimately aware of and involved in the lit community.  Note that this is purely speculation, because I have yet to realize the 'successful' part of being a writer.  Nevertheless.

Read Wendy's article and see what you think.  And then read the rest of her blog, too.  It's great!