Sunday, June 26, 2011

My thrift store haul

I stopped by Goodwill today to drop off some things.  This is my absolute favorite place to shop for books.  I spent $11 and got lots of books and a lovely tin in which to store my oil pastels.  Mid-way through my shopping, I turned to put something in my cart and it was gone.  There were already several books in the cart, and it had been parked right beside me.  I couldn't believe someone had snagged it, especially since there were plenty of other carts at the front of the store.  I went off in search of it, and found it abandoned on the other side of the store.  All my books were still present.  Overall, a successful trip. 

Movie night menu:  I Am Number Four, green chili chicken enchiladas, and blueberry cobbler.  I am in my happy place!

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