Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eldorado Studio Tour 2011

Don & I headed out this morning for the annual Eldorado Studio Tour. In the past, we've made a weekend of it, staying in Santa Fe overnight, but this year we had tickets to Grease at Popejoy Hall, so we managed to get the best of both worlds. The musical was wonderful. I had only ever seen the movie (and I love it!) which was based on the musical. There are some differences between the two which I found interesting. Altogether, it was a very enjoyable evening. We had a superb dinner & dessert at Vivace.

Back to the topic at hand - the studio tour. We purchased a small encaustic piece from Rosemary Barile. She is a lovely person, and a talented artist and we're lucky to have this new addition.

We also acquired a set of 4 small glass dishes from Deborah Klezmer. They are each unique and will be perfect for our Friday appetizer nights.

Of course, I also drooled over countless other objects. Not the least of which were gorgeous robin's egg blue acid stained concrete floors which had been newly crafted in one studio. I love the studio tours! It's such a valuable source of inspiration.