Saturday, April 30, 2011

Endings are new beginnings.

And I am so ready!! Classes end in about a week and I am just dragging ass to the finish line. Then a whole summer of bliss! That is, if "bliss" can be defined as working full-time at a job that I'm less than fond of on most days. Don't feel too sorry for me, it pays the bills and I can buy books and art supplies.

The good part is - more free time to spend with my new husband and daughter (who is preparing to launch herself out into the world at any moment), and hopefully invest some time into my writing and art.

I've been diligently submitting, and regularly receiving rejection notices, which I am taking as proof of being a writer and my participation in the industry. I'm not going to take it personally. I recently read a post by Ethel Rohan, a current favorite of mine, which I found poignant. It's about a book signing event which had less of a turn-out than expected, and how she felt about that. Check it out here.

Now that I've gotten into the habit of submitting, and keeping good track of the subs and the results via Duotrope, the next step for me is developing a strong habit of writing more frequently. I am considering a self-imposed daily assignment, inspired by these 55 word stories, which would serve as a way to improve my creativity and also produce possible story seeds or starters. I'm still considering the boundary conditions for the assignment.

I'm also very inspired by my husband's hard-work on the house. He's in the process of finishing up the guest bathroom, which he completely gutted and built from the ground up. It looks fantastic and it makes me want to organize and clean!