Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't take yourself (or your art) so seriously!

This is an old news item, but one that is still regularly used as a joke around our house.  Be aware, I don't have any problem with poems.  Or sheep.  And I actually liked the quantum mechanics class that I took.  But, I must point out that what this lady is doing has very little to do with quant mech or the inner workings of the universe. It's just silly.  I feel this way sometimes when artists get really intense and emotional while describing their work.  

Probably, this process works for some artists.  Maybe they really ARE exploring deep-seated feelings with every stroke of the brush or pencil.  I can't speak for them.  I'm not even a professionally trained artist, so feel free to keep that in mind.  I, for one, just paint.  I do it because it feels great to let go and create something.  I believe I do grow and change as a person as a result of my artist endeavors, but not in small, measurable increments.  Slowly, I am changing for the better.  And I'm really relieved that I don't need to use sheep to accomplish this.

Here's another account of the same project.