Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fondue lock-in

All of the credit for this incredible idea goes to my boyfriend, Don.  He prepared everything for a fondue feast and then set it up in the master suite.  We had fondue (lovingly handcrafted by him), bread, apples, and sake.  We had a picnic on the floor with candles and incense and then we enjoyed the hot tub with still more sake.  What a nice evening!  What a nice boyfriend!

On another topic, yesterday I procured a griddle to be used for encaustic painting.  So excited to begin!  We also stopped at Home Depot and chose two different types of wood to be used as rigid substrates.  We bought a 2"x6" and  then my artistic assistant (also known as D-Dawg, the boyfriend), chopped it into roughly 6" squares.  I think these will be the perfect size to experiment with.  I have a vague idea of making a color study with these.  I also ordered some supplies including damar resin beads, beeswax, pigments, and luster wax which is a substitute for carnauba wax.  It's use is to harden and make glossy the wax medium.  I ordered a tin of slick wax, which is used to clean tools between colors. 

I have been washing and saving the metal cans from cat food and these will be used to hold my paints once I have mixed them.  :~)

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